Sunday, August 5, 2018


For the past nine years almost all of our wargames have been provided by our long running 1813 campaign.   Since April 2009 it has provided us with 273 battles to wargame.  There is a blog of the campaign showing orders of battle, campaign diary and all battle reports here

As a break from the campaign, we refought all of Wellington’s battles in the Peninsula as a series of one off games.   We used our existing terrain and model soldiers, but made an attempt to recreate both the terrain and orders of battle.   We fought a total of 13 battles between November 2009 and May 2012.

We then tried to do the same with Campaigns of Napoleon in 2013.  But they are much larger and proved too difficult to recreate.

However we are now going to attempt to create one off wargames loosely based on the battles of Wellington and Napoleon.   They will not be a serious attempt to recreate the historical battle, either in terrain or orders of battle.

All games will be fought using our 28mm figures.   The orders of battle will be similar to those used in our 1813 campaign.   No new figures, nor rebasing, will be necessary to create the required order of battle.

We will use our existing terrain boards, buildings and scenery.  No new buildings will be created for specific battles, nor any new scenery.

We will make the scenery as close as possible to the historical terrain, particularly any strategic hills or buildings.   But we will use what is available, rather than make copies of historical terrain or buildings.

We will use the same orders of battle as our 1813 campaign.   Each corps has four infantry brigades of eight figures, one cavalry brigade of four figures and one gun with four crew.

We will use the names of historical commanders, terrain and villages.   We will use the same historical tactical objective.   All games will last 12 moves, each move representing one hour.

We will use our Napoleonic Wargame Rules to fight the battles.  If interested you can find them here